Design Museum Danmark: or, the one with all the chairs…

Eames chair…mmmmm

One place not to miss if you are visiting Copenhagen and are a fan of Danish design: Design Museum Danmark (the clue is in the name!). A little set back from the road, on Bredgade, with its understated cobbled courtyard, you certainly need to know what you are looking for, but once in, you’ll be hooked (we have a season ticket).

Housed in one of Copenhagen’s finest rococo buildings, the former Royal Frederik’s Hospital, the museum has much more to offer than just its permanent and temporary collections. There is the cosy Cafe Klint (which opens out onto a lovely grassy courtyard garden with tables, benches if you bring a packed lunch (as we do) and plenty of room for kids to run about and let off steam); a teensy but well-stocked shop; and a (public) library: all of these are free to access without paying the regular entrance fee (a very reasonable 100 dkk, but free to students and anyone under 26).

Letting off steam in the garden of Design Museum Danmark

There’s plenty of information on the museum website about their permanent and temporary exhibits, so I’ll just briefly mention our favourite, dubbed ‘The Room of Chairs’ by our kids, but officially entitled ‘The Danish Chair: An International Affair.’

Now, those of you who are not all that fussed about all things design-y might start to glaze over at this point, and fair play to you, but for me, this is pure chair porn. Clearly, I need to get out more. Anyway, gorgeously displayed (how on earth they get the chairs to stay put whilst at an angle I couldn’t work out), there was something about the clean and crisp way the chairs were placed in identical box frames that made it all so satisfying (probably a reaction to the chaos of home life).

I could have stayed and stared at chair-based loveliness for much longer, but sadly for me four and a half minutes of chairs is all my philistine children can stand, so we are usually forced to move on, though we can capture their attention for a bonus 30 seconds by playing ‘Which is Your Favourite Chair.’ Yes, I know, we are super fun parents. In case you are interested, this is my current favourite:

Or maybe this one…


Anyway, here is some additional chair and non-chair based goodness to whet your appetite – please don’t pass over this gem if you are visiting.



  1. Never ever been here in 5 years in Denmark and now you shame me with telling me it is on the street I work on… Good post Emma and loving the blog.

    • Seriously? Lucky you to be so close by – a lovely spot to have lunch out in the courtyard if you need a break from the office and you don’t need to pay entry to get in to the cafe/garden/shop…

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