Reasons why it’s great to be a kid in Denmark No 2: Libraries

Following on from my earlier post on playgrounds, I wanted to write up a post on what a great resource the city’s libraries are, and today’s activities were a perfect example. We often look up what weekend activities are happening on the website, and today it transpired that the library in Frederiksberg was holding a free dance event aimed at younger children, so Anna and I popped up there on the Metro.

We hadn’t visited this particular library before, but it is one of the larger ones. The library has an entire floor of the building dedicated to the children’s section. As with many of the other libraries we have visited, it is not just books (and other resources like CDs or DVDs) on offer. There was an enormous dolls-house, lots of other toys, and a cute little ‘cubby’ wooden egg-shaped structure for hiding in, just about big enough for one grown up and a couple of kids, with several  bean bags inside to sit on. You can also play with, or check out, a huge range of board games.

Orestad library, which was one of the first we visited back in November when we arrived, has a huge den structure at its centre, which children can climb and play on, and hide inside, surrounded by book bins. There are also drawers full of dressing up costumes.

Even our small local library has toys, cosy corners for relaxing and the kind of picnic tables you often see in pub gardens, aimed at encouraging patrons large and small to stay and bring their own snacks. The main library in the centre of the city even has a full-sized puppet theatre!

Libraries also double up as cultural centres, with plentiful other activities such as free craft sessions for kids, music classes, and concerts. Most also offer ‘borger’ service where you can get help with anything ‘kommune’ related, from child benefit to paying your taxes. (Our local library also incorporates a cafe/restaurant…nothing like a cheeky beer whilst your offspring hang out in the kid section!).



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