Pancakes and (Easter) eggs

Last weekend was Easter weekend: all the smart Danes buggered off to sunnier climes for the week of the school holidays/five day weekend. Not us though. It’s tipping with rain, and cold, which is something of a shock after the weather lulled us with glorious blue skies and the promise of Spring last weekend [reaches for Winter coat…].

Luckily, and, I must say, somewhat mystified, I was contacted recently by a PR person for the Hard Rock Cafe here in Copenhagen. Would I – the nice lady asked – like to bring the family to an Easter-themed brunch, on the house, provided that I would write about the experience on my blog.

Wait, what? This blog? Which my Mum and Dad read, and maybe a smattering of friends, if they have five minutes while their cup of tea brews? Has there been some kind of mistake? I think they probably want a ‘proper blogger’ – I believe the term is ‘social influencer’. I can’t even influence my three year old on what colour leggings go with the top she’s chosen…

Anyway, it appears that yes, they really do want to offer me a free family brunch. We’ve not eaten out much as a family in Copenhagen, due to not having any spare kidneys to sell (OK, it’s not that bad, but it can be expensive and we are on a budget), and if we had done, I’m not sure that the Hard Rock Cafe (albeit very conveniently located for Stroget and Tivoli) would have come top of my Must Try list, given that I am a bit of a foodie snob.

Still, did I mention it was raining? And we had no better offers? Nathan was impressed by my ability to blag free food, and the prospect of pancakes, and so we duly arrived at 11am as requested. After a bit of a hiatus while they rustled up some food (the kids and I did some very slap-dash painting of hard boiled eggs while we waited), our brunch finally arrived. Verdict? Well, clean plates all round, and when I asked Nathan whether the American pancakes were better than mine he tactfully went silent. Clearly he is a marketer’s dream, since he loudly announced ‘This place Rocks!’ whilst scoffing down his brunch.

Brunch Hard Rock style

There was also a face-painter on hand, and a visit from the Easter Bunny: not really too easy to finagle an egg-hunt on the top floor of a busy chain restaurant, but my kids didn’t much care, given that the end result was a great big cardboard egg topped off with a gold bow and packed full of chocolate and sweeties! They were certainly happy bunnies, and we had whiled away three hours out of the rain. I can’t vouch for the usual menu, but for a kid-friendly brunch it certainly did the job.


I can’t recall having too many brunches since the little darlings arrived. Maybe there’s a germ of an idea for a business in there: a brunch restaurant where stressed parents get to relax in one room with a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa in one hand and the Sunday papers in another, whilst their moppets are taken next door for unlimited bacon and pancakes with maple syrup and let loose with cartoons, paint brushes and pipe cleaners. Now that, I would pay good money for!


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