A tale of two cities…

It’s April 9th, and Spring has undeniably sprung. There are daffodils and cherry blossoms on every corner, and the kids have broken up for the Easter holidays (as per Christmas, the Danes do love a holiday, and whilst they don’t go quite as OTT as at Christmas, they certainly make more of an effort to celebrate Easter than we seem to back home, plus they get an extra day off on the Thursday before Good Friday…winning).

Copenhagen has woken up from winter slumbers. We have been here now for exactly five months, and I feel like I deserve some kind of medal for surviving the long dark winter months. Take, for example, the courtyard of our own apartment block: all through the winter we have barely seen a soul, save someone scurrying to deposit their recycling, and the occasional snowfall whereby we made polite conversation with another family with kids playing outside for an hour. Since the sun deigned to show its face, and the clocks went forward, it’s like a completely different place. Kids are outside playing after school and after their tea. Parents are hanging out in our courtyard. The white-painted benches and tables miraculously appeared from storage a weekend ago and people are actually SITTING OUTSIDE and SMILING…

Copenhagen completely comes alive in the sun. Having slogged through the winter, I sort of get now why at the first glimmer of sun the Danes are all out on Dronning Louises Bridge with tins of Carlsberg in hand, soaking up the rays and shooting the breeze with friends.

As for us, once we were sure the sun was really out to play today, we jumped on our bikes and pedalled out to Superkilen park in Norrebro, revelling in the bustle of the city finally awoken, the swan boats out on the lakes, the piercing blue of the skies. Superkilen is a crazy mishmash of an urban park, with street furniture from all over the globe squished together with funky four-person swings, skate parks, a boxing ring (just because), a slide that looks like it has been built out of molten tar…and so much more.









Super swings at Superkilen

After some scootering and exploring, since we had promised the kids ice cream, Google kindly navigated us to a local branch of Hansens for some very excellent cones, which we took across to yet another park, which was busy with kids and their grown ups enjoying the sunshine, and conveniently situated opposite one of the Mikeller bars, so of course it would be rude not to sample a pint of the good stuff…

Mikeller and Friends in Norrebro

Finally we managed to prise the children away from the climbing frame in the shape of a crashed wooden aeroplane and head home, with the sun still shining down, taking a different route home past the Botanic Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, Nyhaven, Papiroen and Christianshavn. Truly there can be no more beautiful city when the sun is shining and the sky is piercingly blue.


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