All change!

So whilst we have been no strangers to change over the last five months, it seems like we are not done with it yet. Since I have found it nigh on impossible to find a paid permanent job here (not unusual for expat ‘accompanying spouses’ – my how I hate those two words) I have decided to concentrate on freelancing. I recently took on a project that should keep me busy for two days per week, so hoping I can find other work to fill in the gaps, so to speak.

The other big change on the horizon is that N has been offered a place at the European School. We tried, and failed, to get him in there before we came over, but they had no places (the school year here starts in August and the school is so popular that the applications process closes in the January before). Anyway, after waiting and waiting, we were finally offered a place for him to start after the Easter break. Cue tears, as we are, cruelly, dragging him away from his best mate, from whom he has pretty much been inseparable for the last three months.

Ahh, more parental guilt. All in all, despite him being reasonably happy in his Danish school, we feel like it will be a good move for him. Only time will tell, but I hope we are right…


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