Reasons why it’s great to be a kid in Denmark #1: playgrounds

OK, I’m not going to win any points for originality here, but in the last two weeks it’s become abundantly clear that here in Denmark they really, really like kids. Pretty much everywhere you turn there are playgrounds dotted about – and not just joyless grey swings and a slide, I’m talking funky, colourful and fun. Everywhere.

There are also over 25 ‘manned’ playgrounds where qualified youth workers facilitate various activities, and some playgrounds have a speciality, perhaps animals.

Last week we went to one of our local ones (Bondegården) which has horses (which can be ridden free of charge most afternoons), cows, goats, and, until the recent bout of avian flu, chickens (in addition to the playground itself). The kids were amazed that they were freely allowed to go into and out of the goat enclosure and could easily have stayed there for hours if it were only a bit warmer!

playspace at Bonderen

playspace at Bonderen


instead of the summy fairy, kids leave their dummies on the dummy tree!

instead of the dummy fairy, kids leave their dummies on the dummy tree!


chatting to goats

chatting to goats

The week before, Steve had taken the kids to Faelledparken in Osterbro, which sports not only mock roads where kids can safely learn to ride their bikes, and miniature brightly-coloured versions of various of Copenhagen’s towers, but also interactive games where the kids have to run around hitting different coloured lights to see who can bash the most and win.

Playing ‘pigeon tag’ in Faelledparken

When we visited in the summer, we went to the playground inside the famous Tivoli Gardens which includes this fantastic bright pirate ship that looks as though it has been stranded on its side:

the pirate ship at Tivoli

the pirate ship at Tivoli playground

Today we popped along to our local library (about a 10 minute walk away – more on libraries in another post) and, of course, there was yet another mini-playground just outside the library, so we couldn’t resist (on the way in and the way out just for good measure):

local library playground!

local library playground fun

In addition, since so many people in the city live in apartment blocks, quite a few of these have their own mini-playgrounds too, including ours!

I already have a list of other local playspaces that I am keen to try out so look out for more playground action at some point.

Du er aldrig for gammel til at spille (trans: you’re never too old to play!)


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