Friends sitcom cast

Gonna miss ’em when they’re gone…

No, not the Nineties sitcom. My friends. Lovely, lovely friends. As much as we shall miss our families (we love you guys!) we will be over visiting them loads I am sure (school holidays, yeay) and hopefully they will come to see us too.

I realised last weekend that what will have the biggest day-to-day impact is not havingĀ our network of amazing friends. It takes time to make good friends, it doesn’t (usually) just happen overnight. Starting over, in not just a new city, but a new country (in a new language!), and having to build a new network of friends is a bit (OK, very) daunting.

People say you never realise how much you value something until it’s gone, and now that I know we are leaving, I am seeing all our wonderful friendships though a new lens and realising just how much we rely on one another.

Whether it be borrowing kitchenware, childcare swapsies, letting off steam over a coffee (or something stronger), slightly drunken (sorry kids if future you is reading this) house parties, commiserating/celebrating at school pick up or by phone, I am going to miss my friends so much.

Please come see us…I promise we’ll be back….


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