Feel the fear, and do it anyway…


So, the last few weeks have been…stressful, with lots of emotional highs and lows. Sometimes we have questioned our sanity. I have fretted about how the kids will adapt, whether I will find a job I enjoy, whether that job will pay the rent, and whether we will slink back in 12 months financially much worse off than we are now.

The flip side of this – and the one that I keep giving myself mini pep-talks about – is that there’s also a huge thrill, and freedom, inherent in walking away from all that is safe, known, and cosy, and trusting that the Universe will throw some good stuff our way.

The day after I handed my notice in at work, I had secured an interview for an interesting sounding job. As soon as I tell work contacts I am leaving, they throw up their hands and tell me they will miss me (this is nice) and that it’s going to be great (I try to believe this) Copenhagen is a lovely city (it is).

Friends, coworkers and family put me in touch with their contacts in Copenhagen/Denmark, who seem to be unfailingly nice and helpful. Other contacts, some of whom I know only slightly, offer help, advice and more local contacts. Maybe it will be fine after all…

Pushing myself (or being pushed!) out of my comfort zone has made me do some of the stuff I have been putting off for a while, and actually start the process of thinking about what I actually want to do, as opposed to what pays the mortgage.

Life is short. Sometimes you have to jump, and believe that the parachute will open before you squish on the rocks. I have a greetings card on my desk at work – it’s the picture ‘Nadadora’ by brilliant artist Blanca Gomez (find her here) – keep your fingers crossed for me, as I take my leap of faith!


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